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What Clients Say

"Ambition Training that Coach Ashton has provided has given my son Mac the opportunity to compete at a higher level.  His confidence in the game has increased and his one on one play has become so much better. He is encouraging and positive while giving constructive feedback in order to help my son get better. My son loves going to the lessons and is very happy with the improvements in his shooting skills. He is able to dribble and finish both ways, and his increased shooting range makes him one of the top scorers on his AAU team. Thank you guys so much!"
Mac Reed

Team Ambition Training has impacted me as a person & player by helping me develop my game for the college level. Giving me the workout tools to improve my ball handling, shooting, footwork, and many other skills that you need to have a strong game; I am truly blessed to be a part of Ambition Training because of the people I've meet and the opportunity from training. I am looking forward to keep training with Coach Ashton and getting my game to the next level. - Natalie Brannon


Team Ambition Training is definitely what our six-year old son needs. Coach Ashton is very creative in his training style. His drills and skill building are rigorous but they change from practice to practice. It's never a dull moment.

Our son needs that with his short attention span. Coach Ashton truly has the gift of patience. My son, Carter, can sometimes get his whine on when the drills are challenging but Coach Ashton keeps on motivating him and developing new ways to engage him.


Parents, rest assure, he will treat you and your child with the utmost respect. I'm excited that my son is becoming confident in his basketball ability at such a young age. Thank you Coach Ashton! - 


Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

I'm very excited that my son Tre has found a coach that can develop his skills in Basketball. I can tell he's learning a lot from Ashton. Your training and skills are very much appreciated. - Alcee Hodges

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