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We are proud to celebrate these outstanding young men we've had the great opportunity to train and mentor over the years. Congratulations on moving to the next level and beginning your future endeavors. 
Tyler Johnson, son of Tracey and Charles Johnson. My family and have been a part of the Ambition Family since I was a freshman at Episcopal high school. Now being a freshman at Tulane University. Tyler says “I feel I have greatly developed as a player and a person. It has helped me in not only my passion of basketball, added to the work ethic and development in musical aspirations, as well.
Tyler Johnson major in Jazz Studies and Economic at Tulane on a musicianship scholarship. Also a part of the men’s club basketball and helps with the women’s basketball team. He academically is striving still maintaining As and Bs in classes. 
“I truly want to thank Coach Ashton for never giving up on me; Basketball has given me more connections to strive in life, have faith, education, music and stay connected with family. We are family and my heart is always here. Ambition on 3!!” 
- Tyler Johnson
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