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Professional skills coach Ashton Harrell helps players develop their individual skill sets while simultaneously heightening their respective game IQ's. He places a high level of emphasis and effort on building character in each trainee. Training regimens are designed to combine body control, strength and conditioning,  mechanics, ball handling exercises and innovative training to help athletes take their game to the next level. Here at Ambition Basketball Training you will learn not to just train HARD but to train SMART! exploring different strengths and weakness for the betterment of the players. Once you develop yourself mentally on and off the court you will learn methods to enhance yourself as a player with multiple styles of training. We like to focus on variety of different skills from the feet up/footwork to the mind/stimulation.


Coach Harrell uses Micheal Landcater the creator of the"Rip Cones", ladders, tennis balls, pop up defenders, chairs or others training tool to help target skills. We like to give players imagination and game feel while there training. Yes its clear and obviously you wont see someone in a game catch a tennis ball or grab a cone in the game. But these tools enhances the player skills, reaction, timing and coordination. Coach Harrell specializes in ball handling,foot speed and footwork, stance, agility, core strength, coordination, balance, shooting, and overall athleticism while increasing focus and efficiency of a player’s individual skills.Coach Harrell is 100% motivated and passionate about developing athletes and individuals through intense and challenging game like situations/ drills. He creates innovative ways to get game repetitions, game situations, and on game decision making helping players make the right play.

(Cross drag step)

Pull back/ under drag

3 different Defensive strategies

3 different Defensive strategies

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